D-Star Repeater DB0HDF B

D-Star Repeater Equipment Rack, also housing APRS digipeater.

D-Star Repeater Equipment Rack, also housing the APRS digipeater.

The 70cm D-Star repeater at DB0HDF (Module B) has been operational since 2011. Filling its own equipment rack, this repeater consists of an ICOM IC-RP2C Repeater controller in combination with an ICOM ID-RP4000V Digital Voice Repeater module. An Intel Atom-based miniITX PC is used to provide internet access, automated linking and status reporting capabilities using the ircDDB network. An additional monitoring rack unit can be used for remote power control as well as measurement of forward and reflected RF power. When not in local use, the repeater is linked to DCS001 C, the xReflector group for Germany. This reflector may be disconnected by any user for local operation, the connection is automatically re-established after periods of inactivity.

The D-Star equipment rack also houses the network infrastructure supplying all automated stations with internet connectivity and monitoring. A router provides redundant internet connections, including a back-up link using the local 4G network.