A number of independent stations covering different frequencies and modes of operation are currently installed at the site. A focus of all installations has been reliable operation, simple maintenance and full remote monitoring and control capabilities. The table below summarizes the different stations currently in operation:

Service Band Freq. TX (MHz) Freq. RX (MHz) Comments
APRS 2 m 144.800 144.800 I-Gate & Digipeater
FM / EchoLink 70 cm 439.700 434.900 Shift -4.8 MHz, CTCSS 88.5 Hz
D-Star (DV) 70 cm 439.850 430.450 Shift -9.4 MHz
10 GHz Beacon 3 cm 10,368.888 -

Additional information about either of these services can be retrieved from the dedicated service pages accessible from the navigation menu or the links in the table above.